An African safari day - what to expect!

Welcome to the epitome of African adventure  – welcome to Bushlife Safaris.

Situated in magical Mana Pools in Zimbabwe, our safari experiences offer more than mere glimpses of nature; they immerse you in its very essence.

At the break of dawn, a gentle “knock, knock” signals the beginning of your day at Bushlife Safaris, where every moment is orchestrated to immerse you in the rhythms of the African wilderness. By 5:30 am, your seasoned safari guide ensures the paths are clear, safeguarding against surprise encounters with majestic elephants or lumbering hippos. At 6:00 am, the Main Area beckons with the inviting glow of a crackling fire pit, where a delightful continental breakfast awaits. Fuel up with freshly brewed tea or coffee, setting the stage for the day’s adventures that lie ahead. Activities unfold organically, tailored to the interests of our discerning guests and the movements of wildlife within the Zambezi Valley. Morning excursions may encompass exhilarating game drives, game walks to encounter the elusive painted wolves, or intimate encounters with iconic elephant bulls like the legendary Tusker.

Here at Bushlife Safaris, as a testament to our family-owned ethos, the ambiance is relaxed, and the pace is dictated by our guests’ desires—a haven where relaxation and wonder merge seamlessly. By midday, retreat to camp for a sumptuous lunch buffet featuring an array of crisp salads and freshly baked bread and rolls. Embrace the “Safari Siesta,” an essential respite during the sweltering midday heat when wildlife seeks shelter and photographers recharge, lulled into slumber by the gentle rhythm of the African bush. As the afternoon unfolds, indulge in a delicious tea service in the lounge before embarking on the next adventure. Perhaps a leisurely canoeing expedition beckons, or a thrilling game drive awaits—the choice is yours.

As the sun begins its descent, your guide expertly navigates to a vantage point, where you witness the splendor of an African sunset, a timeless ritual best enjoyed with a sundowner in hand. Retreating to camp under the canvas of nightfall, guests have the opportunity to refresh after a day brimming with excitement or gather in the main area, where tantalizing bar snacks await. Here, amidst camaraderie and shared stories, dinner is served between 7:30 and 8:00 pm, a culmination of the day’s adventures. While the evening meal offers a glimpse into the forthcoming day’s itinerary, flexibility is paramount at Bushlife Safaris—we tailor each experience to fulfill the desires of our cherished guests, ensuring every moment surpasses expectations.