Wild Encounters: A Guest’s Thrilling Safari Tales with Bushlife Safaris

A Thrilling Safari Adventure: Memories to Last a Lifetime!


In the heart of the African wilderness, every moment holds the promise of adventure, and every turn reveals a new story waiting to be told. Join us as  guest, Sharon Marks Zell recounts her unforgettable experiences on safari with Bushlife Safaris when she visited in 2015! 

Day One: A Dance with Elephants and Lions 

“It was a day full of game walks and unforgettable sights, being guided by the owner of Bushlife Safaris, Nick Murray, who is an incredible professional safari guide. The morning started with sightings of herds of elephants, which we walked close to. At one point, Nick threw his hat onto a termite mound and told me to sit down. He started taking photos with the magnificent elephants in the background as I looked on – photos and memories I will treasure forever. 

Our journey continued with a thrilling pursuit of lion tracks, guided by Nick’s expert intuition. Amidst the whispers of the bush, we ventured forth, my heart was racing with anticipation. And then, a symphony of sounds—a chorus of lion roars echoing through the wilderness. With bated breath, I followed Nick as he guided us to view a mating pair of lions, their regal presence a testament to the untamed beauty of Africa.

But the day did not end there! In a different locale, we embarked on a quest for lions once more. I was thrilled when we came upon a small heard of zebras. We continued walking quite a distance not seeing any wildlife, but then we heard baboons alarming. We started walking toward the calls of the baboons then we heard a kudu bark. Nick got pretty excited and said there must be lions nearby. Though tracks eluded our sight, Nick’s unwavering determination led us to a wondrous sight—a pride of lions, nestled amidst the golden grass. As the cubs played under the watchful gaze of their mothers, I stood in awe, humbled by the raw power and grace of these magnificent creatures. We watched them for probably a half hour then slowly backed away and returned to the vehicle.
What a day!

Day Two: Wild Dogs and Riverside Revelations:

The following day brought new wonders. With Nick as my guide again, we ventured to the wild dog den, where the air crackled with excitement. This was during the time when Nick was also guiding the BBC team for the Dynasties production. We witnessed a scene straight from nature’s playbook—a mother wild dog guarding her playful pups, a testament to the resilience of Africa’s wildlife.

Day 3: Paddling through Paradise: I then took the full day and overnight canoe ride of the Zambezi. We saw so many animals along the river bank!  From hippos basking in the sun to crocodiles gliding stealthily through the waters, each moment was tinged with exhilaration and a hint of trepidation.  As we disembarked to stretch our legs, we encountered an unexpected guest—an elephant bull. In a heart-stopping moment, he charged towards us, a reminder of the untamed spirit of Africa. Yet, guided by Nick’s expertise and calm demeanor, we stood our ground, as he shook his head and moved off!

It was a sad last day when I had to go to the airstrip to leave Mana Pools.  I have thousands of photos from my trip  but I just wanted to share a few from my favorite experiences and sightings. Truly a trip of a lifetime!”