Ruwesi Canoe Trail

If you are looking for an amazing adventure with wildlife experiences second to none, then this is the perfect safari for you. Each day you canoe through the most scenic parts of the Zambezi River, and then camp at a different spot in the wild along the Zambezi River every evening.

About the Trip

Flowing majestically through the rugged landscapes of Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Zambezi River offers a unique blend of tranquility and excitement for canoeing enthusiasts. The Ruwesi Canoe Trail is located within Mana National Park, covering a section of the middle Zambezi Valley. 


Encounters with wildlife are a highlight, as elephants grace the shores, hippos bask in the sun, and crocodiles silently glide through the water. 

What to Expect

The day usually starts early with breakfast and you canoe for a few hours before pulling up to the bank and enjoy a morning walk.  After the walk, you will have a full brunch and continue on your canoe safari in the early afternoon, usually, around the time the elephants are moving out onto the islands, which makes for a great afternoon on the Zambezi, gently drifting up to these bulls in your canoe.


 You will arrive at your mobile tented camp in the late afternoon where, if time allows, you will be taken on an evening game drive before dinner. A game drive vehicle follows the canoe route with your luggage/personal belongings, and the camps are set up before guests arrive each evening. Dinner is served under the beautiful stars of an open African sky. 


Canoe safaris run from the beginning of April and end in November each year and a minimum three-night experience is recommended.